Friday, November 17, 2017

Vintage Market Days In McKinney Texas

The Vintage Market Days event is back in McKinney Texas this weekend. Today was opening day. They'll be there again Saturday and Sunday in case you're in the area.

Vintage Market Days travels to different areas and features vendors from the local area, as well as vendors from neighboring states. It's a mix of new, old, hand-made, one-of-a-kind, and commercially-made products. You just never know what you'll find!

I'm leading off with my favorite purchase today. Deer antlers - inside a frame - attached to an uneven plaque with a button type screw - made of boards painted aged-down-white. Just the type of rustic, overly complicated things I like!

You may not be able to see it, but as they say here in the South, "Honey, it has my name written all over it!"

Sadly, the lady vendor who sold the rabbits painted on rustic boards at the Vintage Market Days event mentioned in this post was not at today's event. I was disappointed as I was sort of determined to buy one if it was reasonably priced.

Speaking of things I love...As a lot of you suggested I do, I tracked down the lady vendor who sold me this soup tureen and soup bowls the last time the Vintage Market Days event was in our area.

She still had the matching platter (marked down to $14 instead of the original $19) and this time I was smart enough to buy it.

Next up, two little ironware-type platters for $7.50 each. They don't look tiny enough in this photo by themselves, so I put them on the blue edged platter to show their size.

Here's a look at the printing on the back of the little platters, which says Iroquois China, Syracuse N.Y. (last line ?)

These lengths of pine boughs (?) were only $4 each. They have little pinecones on them just like the little twinkle lights with pinecones I bought the other day at Target. 

I guess you can sense it's going to be a very rustic Christmas at our house this year!

I was carrying a lot of stuff by the time I saw these wreaths with berries. I wanted three of them for a special project so I hatched a plan to buy just one ($12.50) so I wouldn't forget them!

By the time I remembered them, I was clear across the expo center sitting on a chair waiting for Wild Bill to pick me up. Oh Crap! One will have to do...

If you're in the Dallas area, I think you might enjoy this event...

If you're not local, the Vintage Market Days event travels around to different states. Here's a LINK to their national schedule if you're interested.

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P.S. I thought maybe I should change that word crap, but when I looked it up to see if I was being too harsh, I found it was actually the perfect word to show how I felt at that moment so I left it in:

Crap | Define Crap at

crap out, Also called seven out. (in the game of craps) to throw a 7 rather than make one's point. Slang. to abandon a project, activity, etc., because of fear, cowardice, exhaustion, loss of enthusiasm, etc. Slang. to break a promise or fail to fulfill a duty or obligation; renege.
Full of crap · ‎Crap out · ‎Crap around · ‎Crap up

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Goodbye To Orange

Started clearing out the Fall and Halloween things today to make way for Christmas.

Orange is not a favorite color of mine, but I do like these shades of it in the leaves and placemat here.

The gravy boat and butter dish are Pottery Barn items from years back. I don't even remember the year I bought them, though that's probably due to my age and not theirs.

I love anything with a woodland theme. These pieces have squirrels running up a piece of twig used for the handles. 

I can't remember ever using them as serving pieces, we just use them for decoration around this time of year.

They wouldn't ever be large enough when our tribe gets together for holiday meals! To fit everyone in, we usually have to eat buffet style to leave as much room as possible on the tables. 

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gray Walls Update

Here's a few pictures of those walls that got painted gray (Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter) at Middle Daughter's house.

She was worried about the gray turning blue in her house, but she's happy with the color. 

I've only seen it in these phone pictures taken right after the painters left, but I love the look of the gray with the white and the wood.

She's also working on eliminating the original builder's lights. She ordered just one of these lights online to try it out. 

She needed five of them, but ordered just one in case it didn't work out and she had to return it. In the photo below, you can see the old light on the right and the new light on the left.

It seems with this gray, the more white the better! Middle Daughter painted the sides of her stairs white, pulled out the strip of carpet that went down the middle of the stairs, and she plans to paint more of the wood white after the wood is refinished.

She's really happy to no longer have her "Coat of Many Colors House" as she use to call it. 

When she moved in, the dining room (seen to the left in the above picture) was burgundy, the kitchen was yellow, the entryway was a sage green, the playroom was peach, and the rest of the walls downstairs were an awful orangy-brown!

Here's the only picture I could find of the brown walls. As you can see, she had already painted swatches of different light and medium gray colors. You can also see the green, which was just around the corner.

I like how her walls turned out so I bought a sample can of BM's Revere Pewter, and I'm going to have a go at a few areas of our house too.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

How 32 Cents Got Really Expensive

As you've probably heard, the Fixer Upper folks have just come out with their new line of Christmas and housewares decor called "Hearth And Hand".

Target Website

I walked right into the middle of the Christmas collection at Target yesterday while waiting for a prescription to be filled. The main colors of the Hearth and Hand's Christmas decor are black, white, and green.

Wild Bill dropped me off at Target to fill a prescription, and I was going to stop at a few stores around Target while he was at the bookstore in the next block. 

I'd planned to walk down the block and end up at the bookstore, but instead I had to text him to pick me up. 

I sent him a picture of my cart full of Christmas with a text that said:

"Need you to pick me up after all...
Found lots of Christmas stuff to buy.
On a good note, my prescription was only 32 cents!"

Here's what he texted back:

So let's look at the new Christmas stuff from Hearth and Hand shall we?

This wreath is done with white berries instead of the typical red ones. I like the colors and style because I think they will look good even after Christmas during the cold winter months.

Two long, chime-type bells hang down from the top. If hung on a door, it will sound off every time the door is open.

There are two types of Hearth and Hand wreaths. This is the one I bought, but there was a Lambs Ear one too.

I found I liked the Lambs Ear garland even though I didn't buy that type of wreath. I bought two of the 9-foot garland, and I plan to buy a few more of those.

My favorite purchase was this white throw with blanket stitches in dark green. 

There were some real pretty matching white knit pillows (without the blanket stitching), but I already have some similar ones from Pottery Barn that are just as nice.

Here it is paired with last year's $14 Christmas pillow from T J Max.

I think I forgot to mention the throw has cute green pom-pom's on each of the corners.

Let's get another shot of that the song says, 
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

That's all I bought of Hearth and Hand stuff, but I did buy some other things while I was at Target. 

I bought three boxes of these lights:

I'm always a sucker for the small, battery-operated twinkle lights! These were hard to pass up because I love the tiny flocked pinecones in the strand of lights.

The battery pack takes two, AA batteries and can be turned to "on" or to a 6-hour timer. 

I'll put a strand or two of lights on this wreath when I hang it, and I'll probably need three strands for the two long garlands.  

As you can tell, I'm gonna need to buy at least two more strands of these lights!

Here's some cute appetizer-size plates from Target's Dollar Spot (usually at the front of Target stores) where things are regularly priced at $1, $3, or $5.

The little plates were a set-of-two package for $3. I like to use these type of seasonal plates as coasters. There were several more designs to choose from, including a buffalo checked black-and-red one.

I bought this Merry Christmas pillow too...

A large gallon, canning-jar-type canister that I plan to put lights in until after the cold winter passes...

And, for the practical side of the holiday, I bought a new remote control plug-in device, with three receptors, for our old Christmas lights. 

We already have something similar, but they aren't flat like these.

Well,...32 cents for my prescription and a good bit more for the Christmas decor! As always, all opinions are my own and I was not paid or reimbursed for my purchases.

I'm happy with everything except the red pillow, which is a little too bright and too much red for me, now that I've gotten to like the black, white and green look of the Hearth and Home decor. 

I'll probably return the red pillow when I go back to buy more twinkling, pinecone lights. Meanwhile, I'm joining the party at Foodie Friday And Everything Else. Hope you'll hop over there too.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Things I'm Loving Tuesday

Had to remark on this lovely kitchen area recently shared over at Butterfly and Bungalow! 

I always tend to fill an empty hook with lots of clutter, but I'm trying to learn to leave a little room like she did on that rack.

I'm also loving the wall color Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore Paints.  

Middle Daughter is having some rooms in her house painted Revere Pewter today. She's hoping it appears gray in her house like it does in this picture from the Benjamin Moore webpage...

 Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Website

Gray paint colors seem to tend toward blue in Middle Daughter's house, so it's a toss up whether Revere Pewter will turn out gray-gray or blue-gray, but she's giving it a try.

Here's a look at Middle Daughter's dark gray dining room. You can see how blue the gray paint looks...

And speaking of things I'm loving...I still love the makeover Middle Daughter and I gave her dining room chandelier a good while back!

Here's the original builder-grade chandelier that came with her house...

Middle Daughter stripped off the glass cones around the light bulbs and changed the regular bulbs to Edison Bulbs. 

The next time I visited, we painted the silver metal with One-Step Paint by Amy Howard, which is a chalk-type paint that sticks to anything! Presto, Change-O. Almost better than the Pottery Barn chandelier she had planned to buy. 

We didn't even have to take it down to paint the chandelier. One-Step went on smoothly without any drips! Our daughter had to climb up on a ladder to paint the part by the ceiling, and she still gripes about that. 

She says she would take it down to paint it if she had it to do over, but I wouldn't. To me, it always seems like more work to take it down and put it back up. Much easier to use a chalk paint like One-Step than to do all that electrical work...What do you think?

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